European Benedictine Congregation of the Resurrection

European Benedictine Congregation of the Resurrection

Aquarel, resurrection, three women at the empty grave.

Detail of the Ressurection. Aquarelle.
Monastery of Our Lady of Hurtebise 

We believe that we are empowered and transformed by the


We believe that the same Spirit through whom the Father raised Christ

enlivens us today.

We believe that God is Communion.

It is God who makes our own communion possible and who is the model

of our life of unity in diversity.

We believe that we are called to be witnesses to and participants in the

Kingdom of God by living according to the monastic tradition in our

contemporary world in fidelity to Christ and to one another.

The monasteries are members of the Communio Internationalis Benedictinarum and consociated with the Confoederatio Benedictinae. The monasteries of the Congregation are located in Europe. The Communities share the Benedictine tradition in this geographical and  cultural context, following Christ “under the guidance of the Gospel”  with openness to the working of the Holy Spirit and in loyalty to the Church. In living the monastic  vocation, they are listening to the signs of the times, motivated by the words of Perfectae Caritatis 9 “they should revive their ancient traditions of service and so adapt them to the needs of today”.

Picture of st. Benedict

The Catholic Church, Basilica of St. Peter and Paul, in Petersberg (municipality of Erdweg) in the district of Dachau (Bavaria), fresco in the southern side apse, depiction: St. Benedict of Nursia

Participants of the first general chapter

At the first General Chapter: The Abesses and Prioresses and the delegates of the 11 founding monasteries together with the Bishop of Stockholm Catholic Diocese Cardinal Anders Arborelius ocd

The newly choosen president and her council

The first President Sr Myrese from Hurtebise (in the middle) and her Council (from left) Sr Paulina from Kaunas, Sr Emmanuele from Egmond, Sr Katarina from Omberg, Sr Franziska from Dinklage.