On the history of the European Benedictine Congregation of the Resurrection


April 1st 2018

The Vatican Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life publishes the Instruction "Cor Orans". In this document, communities that don't already belong to a monastic congregation or federation, are obliged to join an existing one or to found a new. 

Contacts are made between communities. Right from the beginning of the process, it is decided to be European; to form a congregation (and not a federation); to be recognized as living following Perfectae Caritatis n° 9: our Congregation would be « monastic » and not an Institute entirely dedicated to contemplation (PC n° 7).

Our communities chose to take this opportunity to build a greater monastic family than our own communities. Although the impulse comes from Rome, the project to form a new congregation grows more and more from our desire to work together. To be united in diversity is really a strong point in the process.


September 2018

Present in Subiaco with CIB (Communio Internationalis Benedictinarum), some of the superiors pray together in the grotto of St. Benedict, to entrust in his hands the project of building a new European Benedictine Congregation. All the communities considering to join this project are praying in communion with them.

October 2018

− The superiors of twelve monasteries meet in the monastery of Alexanderdorf (Germany) for the founding assembly of this new Benedictine Congregation of Women.

− Decision in favor of English as the common language of communication.

− Appointment of a commission to draw up the Constitutions for the new Congregation under the direction of Sr. Dr. Scholastika Häring OSB (Dinklage).

− Abbot Praeses em. Ansgar Schmidt OSB (Trier) is asked by the communities to accompany the process of building the new congregation, with all his experience of living in the international Benedictine congregation of the Annunciation.

− After this meeting, one community chooses to search another congregation or federation.

Superiors of the communities that were examing the possibilities

Superiors of the twelve communities considering forming a new congregation.

2018 to 2021  

Drafting of the new Constitutions

− Several meetings of the superiors of the monasteries.

− Voting in all monasteries for participating in the Congregation.

− Discussions in all eleven participating monasteries about the drafts.

− Lively exchange at all levels.

− Asking experts to review our draft.

− Voting in all monasteries on the final version of the draft.

May 2021

− The draft confirmed by the monasteries is submitted to the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic life.

picture of the constitutions

The constitutions, ready to be sent to Rome

Signed paper stating the new president

First president elected

March 3 to April 3, 2022

First General Chapter of the Congregation in the Heliga Hjärtas Monastery in Vadstena (Sweden).

− Election of Sr. Myrèse Dupagne (Hurtebise) as the first President of the Congregation.

− Election of the Councilors of the Congregation.

− Formation of commissions for the practical co-operation of the monasteries.


“We received it as a strong sign for our common life and work, that at the moment our Constitutions were confirmed, all the Church was asked to think about living in synodality!” 

Sr. Myrèse